Why rehabilitation robots?

Some of the advantages of using robots and intelligent algorithms in rehabilitation are; performing repetitive movements with high accuracy, performing all exercises aimed at increasing range of motion, strength and endurance, recording and objective evaluation of the whole process from diagnosis to treatment.

our robots


    • Range of motion exercises

    Passive, active assistive, stretching

    • Resistive exercises

    Isometric, isotonic, vairo-resistive

    • Adaptive therapy mode
    • Hand training module
    • Remote access and control
    • Secure cloud storage

product groups

robotıc systems

Robotic systems for upper and lower extremity rehabilitation.


Devices that can be used for assessment and diagnosis in rehabilitation processes.

bıosıgnal amplıfıers

Complete solutions for obtaining, recording and analysis of biosignals.


Communication between experts and patients with robotic systems and measurement devices.