Limitations of Conventional Arm and Hand Therapy

  • Severity prevents practice
  • Difficult to keep patients motivated
  • Limited number of repetitions
  • Therapy limited by availability of therapists
  • Unclear feedback regarding progress and performance
  • Changing needs of patients

Advantages of ArmeoPower Therapy

Highly Intensive Early Arm Rehabilitation

The ArmeoPower has been specifically designed for arm and hand therapy in an early stage of rehabilitation.

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Assist-As-Needed Movement Guidance

The ArmeoPower uses sensors and intelligent algorithms to recognize when the patient is not able to carry out a movement and assists the patient’s arm as much as needed to successfully reach the goal of the exercise.

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Arm Weight Support in an Extensive 3D Workspace

The ArmeoPower is the world’s first commercially available robotic exoskeleton for upper extremity rehabilitation. The six actuated degrees of freedom allow training in an extensive 3D workspace.

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Motivating Exercises

An extensive library of game-like Augmented Performance Feedback exercises has been designed to train core movement patterns that are commonly used in activities of daily living.

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Increased Therapy Efficiency

The Armeo devices improve therapy efficiency by reducing the therapist’s physical effort and the need for continuous therapeutic guidance.

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Objective Assessments

The ArmeoPower precisely records how patients perform during their therapy sessions and how much support they need.

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Hand Function Training (Optional)

Enables severely impaired patients to relearn hand opening and closing.
Enables patients to train reaching and grasping with assist-as-needed support from shoulders to fingers.

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Benefits of the ArmeoPower are Recognized All Over the World

Reference Centers

ArmeoPower is a highly advanced arm and hand rehabilitation device for early-stage patients even before they develop active movement.

ArmeoPower Modules


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Scientific Evidence of Arm and Hand Rehabilitation with ArmeoPower

More than 100 studies have been conducted on the ArmeoPower, including the research versions of the device.

Improve Efficiency & Outcomes

Earlier Start of Therapy

Earlier Start of Therapy

Earlier Start of Therapy